Discover the optimal time to swim with whale sharks in the Maldives and uncover 15 intriguing facts:

Peak season is from November to April, with calmer seas and better visibility.

Whale sharks gather around South Ari Atoll during this period.

They migrate to the Maldives to feed on plankton-rich waters.

Each whale shark has a unique pattern of spots, like a fingerprint.

These gentle giants can reach lengths of up to 40 feet.

They're the largest fish species in the world, yet feed on tiny organisms.

Snorkeling is the best way to encounter them up close.

Nighttime snorkeling allows for a rare glimpse into their nocturnal behaviors.

Some resorts offer guided snorkeling tours with marine biologists.

Whale sharks are docile and pose no threat to humans. They can dive to depths of 1,900 meters in search of food.

These majestic creatures can live up to 70 years. They travel vast distances, crossing oceans in search of food.

Conservation efforts are underway to protect their habitats. Swimming with whale sharks is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.