Top 10 Best Maldives Hotels for Honeymoon

Imagine your dream honeymoon or a romantic escape in the Maldives, set against the stunning backdrop of these enchanting resorts. These unique retreats offer spacious accommodations with an added touch of privacy, perfect for couples seeking a truly intimate getaway. They blend the tropical essence of the Maldives with traditional architectural elements, creating elegant spaces adorned with modern comforts for your utmost pleasure.

At these romantic havens, you’ll savor the moments that make your time together extraordinary. Picture yourselves taking late-night dips in your private pool or simply unwinding on your secluded sundeck, soaking in the beauty around you.

Moreover, some exceptional Maldives hotels provide round-the-clock butler services, ensuring personalized attention that adds a delightful touch to your stay. Many of these properties are conveniently situated near the beach, while others rest above the water, offering mesmerizing sunset views. Picture returning to your villa adorned with rose petals in a bathtub or indulging in a poolside dinner lit by floating candles on the water.

Planning your Ideal Maldives Honeymoon

For half a century, the Maldives has warmly welcomed tourists, but in the past decade, the number of visitors has risen steeply. Recent statistics released in May 2022 by the country’s Ministry of Tourism highlighted that 2019 marked the highest influx of visitors in those fifty years. Moreover, the data revealed a 17.5 percent surge in the first four months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, with a more minor but still significant increase from the first quarter of 2019.

Travel advisor Chu-Bermudez has witnessed a remarkable spike in interest and bookings for the Maldives among her clients. She attributes this surge to several factors. “Previously, American travelers viewed it as a destination exclusively for the affluent and were hesitant due to the extensive vacation time required to reach there,” says Chu-Bermudez. However, with the availability of numerous high-quality hotel options catering to various budgets and travel preferences, compelling social media coverage stirring FOMO (fear of missing out), and a shift due to the pandemic and a generational change in mindset regarding the value of vacation time, planning a honeymoon to a distant locale seems less daunting.”

As this trendy destination attracts numerous couples, Chu-Bermudez advises planning well in advance, conducting thorough research, and asking plenty of questions. “While many islands may appear similar in photos, it’s crucial to note significant differences in activities, facilities, and experiences offered on each,” Chu-Bermudez cautions. “Some islands are privately owned by resorts, some coexist with local communities, and their specialties vary from diving to wellness and relaxation. Wildlife, underwater landscapes, and biodiversity differ from island to island.”

To jumpstart your planning process, Chu-Bermudez suggests considering your preferred type of accommodation and ambiance, budget comfort zone, essential amenities and services, desired activities, and the importance of sustainability in your choice.

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Top 10 Best Maldives Hotels for Honeymoon

Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Maldives Hotels for Honeymoon.

1-Velassaru, Maldives

best maldives hotels for honeymoon Velassaru Maldives

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At Velassaru, your dreamy honeymoon kicks off in true style. Warm and welcoming staff greet you at Malé before escorting you onto a speedy boat ride that whisks you away across the glistening waves, arriving at this island paradise with pristine white sands in just 25 minutes. Picture this: complimentary champagne awaits you, along with spa credits and a wealth of romantic experiences. Imagine indulging in a mesmerizing sunset cruise or exploring the tropical waters during a magical night snorkeling session, making your honeymoon unforgettable.

What sets Velassaru apart is its genuine focus on the finer details. Imagine spa treatments crafted with local ingredients like the Maldivian coral sand scrub, followed by a luxurious sweet basil and coconut body wrap. And for that perfect post-wedding relaxation, nothing beats a couple’s treatment at the overwater treatment pavilions perched on stilts – pure bliss! With just 129 villas, our top pick would be the ones with private pools. Yet, the island boasts five delightful restaurants and two stylish bars, offering a culinary delight for every taste. And if you’re eager to savor it all, consider the Vessaru Indulgence package for the ultimate experience.

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2-Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives

best maldives hotels for honeymoon Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

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At Gili Lankanfushi, the ‘no news, no shoes’ philosophy greets you right from the moment you step off the airport jetty, setting the tone for a luxurious yet laid-back escape. The resort’s speedboat welcomes you with plush daybeds and refreshing juices while your shoes are discreetly stowed away in a dust bag for the entirety of your stay in Gili. This relaxed vibe permeates every aspect of your time here. Staff move around barefoot in comfortable linen attire, and the restaurants exude a casual and vibrant atmosphere, serving authentic dishes showcasing the treasures of the Indian Ocean.

Each couple enjoys the attentive care of their own ‘Mr. Friday’ (inspired by Robinson Crusoe, a copy of the book is placed in every villa), ensuring their needs are met at every turn. Whether it’s another tropical cocktail or an extra towel for your boat trip, they’re there to make your stay seamless. The resort’s dedication to sustainability is evident in every detail, making guests feel intimately connected to nature. Outdoor bathrooms, wooden tables on the sand, and a central pool area surrounded by towering palms contribute to this natural immersion.

Explore the island on bamboo-crafted bicycles, adding to the eco-friendly experience. Gili operates in its own time zone, an hour ahead of Malé, allowing guests to make the most of the breathtaking sunsets. Gili Lankanfushi offers luxury and eco-consciousness, inviting guests to embrace a serene and harmonious connection with the environment.

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3-JOALI, Maldives

best maldives hotels for honeymoon JOALI Maldives

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At JOALI, rather than conforming to the typical cosmopolitan style seen in many Maldives resorts, the essence of the island elegantly merges with its surreal surroundings. Bamboo and intricately hand-carved structures adorn every corner, reflecting exquisite taste and respect for the natural landscape. The layout of the island is designed to offer honeymooners a sense of seclusion, granting them a feeling of having this paradise all to themselves. Unlike many other resorts in the Maldives, interactions with other guests are minimal, allowing for a truly intimate experience.

The resort boasts four outstanding restaurants that elevate lunch and dinner, providing the culinary variety perfect for a week or two-week stay. Despite this exclusivity, the team at JOALI excels in providing exceptional service without missing a beat. However, the breakfasts enjoyed in the villas while gazing out towards the ocean horizon truly stand out – a serene moment to pause and appreciate the breathtaking beauty of this remarkable setting.

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4-Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

best maldives hotels for honeymoon Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

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As the seaplane gracefully lands on the mesmerizing blue waters surrounding this picturesque Northern Atoll, couples are welcomed with a lively reception. Traditional drums set the rhythm along the jetty, while friendly staff offer refreshing coconuts. A scenic golf buggy ride escorts guests to villas, meandering through lush tropical greenery adorned with majestic coconut palms and beautifully crafted orchids within the dedicated orchid garden. The architectural design blends reverence and boldness, featuring stunning thatched buildings across the island. Imagine soaring triple-height vaulted ceilings and sleek, ebony-shaded structures that stand out against the backdrop of natural beauty.

Honeymooners can access various experts at the resort, each offering unique experiences. A highly recommended encounter is with the Sky Guru at the remarkable observatory. Here, couples can name and register a star, creating a lasting memory to commemorate their special occasion.

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5-Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Maldives

best maldives hotels for honeymoon Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Maldives

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The vibrant tapestry of colors and the enchanting allure of the Maldives begin the moment you step aboard the Four Seasons Princess Yacht at the Malé airport jetty. Excitement builds, and worries fade as you arrive at Kuda Huraa, one of the Maldives’ long-standing treasures. The reception area stands like a beacon amidst a serene and breathtaking scene of tranquil blue waters, powdery white sands, and an expansive sky adorned with vibrant lanterns and a mosaic-tiled floor.

Honeymooners are warmly greeted by their dedicated guest experience manager, who is ready to tailor personalized itineraries to fulfill every desire throughout their stay. Villas line a sandy pathway winding through the resort, adorned with vivid native flowers and majestic coconut palms. Two pools mirror the mesmerizing shades of the Indian Ocean, seamlessly merging with the horizon, while one even features a convenient swim-up bar. The team, clad in traditional attire of natural linen accented with exquisite gold embroidery, embodies a ‘nothing-is-too-much’ attitude, ensuring a seamless and delightful stay for every guest.

As evening falls, guests can join in the local favorite crab racing and savor specialty cocktails while witnessing the sun paint the horizon with hues of pink and coral. Notably, Four Seasons Kuda Huraa operates in its time zone, an hour ahead of Malé, ensuring that the captivating sunsets are never missed, adding an extra touch of magic to each day’s end.

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6-Siyam World

best maldives hotels for honeymoon Siyam World

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Spanning 133 acres, this locally-owned all-inclusive resort in the Maldives offers a luxurious five-star experience while keeping the fun factor alive. It stands out with the Indian Ocean’s largest floating water park, a full-scale soccer pitch hosting weekly matches, and overwater bungalows featuring thrilling water slides. Moreover, guests can rent semi-submersible vessels for exhilarating barrel rolls, experience the resort’s unique horse ranch, and even partake in dance classes for added entertainment.

This resort caters well to honeymooners traveling with kids, offering houses with up to six bedrooms for a comfortable stay. However, when the time calls for an intimate moment for just the two of you, there are romantic options aplenty. Picture horseback riding along the coastline during the breathtaking sunrise or sunset, indulging in a picturesque picnic on a secluded island, or sharing a candlelit cake included in the honeymoon package, creating cherished memories together.

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7-The Standard, Huruvalhi

best maldives hotels for honeymoon The Standard Huruvalhi

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This well-known urban brand has ingeniously brought its trendy charm, unconventional designs, vibrant party atmosphere, and aversion to dull color schemes to its inaugural island getaway, just a 40-minute seaplane ride from Malé. Featuring 115 villas, each boasting a private deck, personal plunge pools, and snorkeling gear creatively displayed as wall decor, it stands out as one of the more significant properties in the area. What sets it apart is its innovative offerings, such as a glass-bottomed overwater nightclub, captivating beach bonfires with pulsating tribal rhythms, personalized training sessions, convenient electric buggies for easy navigation, and a communal hammam, all contributing to its excellent and contemporary appeal.

Conveniently situated just 25 minutes from Hanifaru Bay, recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this destination hosts the largest gathering of manta rays from May to November, adding another layer of natural wonder and excitement to your stay.

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8-Coco Collection

best maldives hotels for honeymoon Coco Collection

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Established by four local brothers from the Maldives, this collection comprises two distinct properties. The first, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu in Baa Atoll, embraces a more authentic and rustic vibe. On the other hand, the newer addition, Coco Bodu Hithi in Malé Atoll, caters primarily to couples seeking a refined experience. What unites both places is their dedication to integrating local traditions and culture into their offerings. You’ll find authentic Maldivian cuisine served at their restaurants, with recipes readily shared, artisans showcasing and selling their crafts, and delightful concerts featuring traditional melodies and musicians.

Moreover, both properties prioritize eco-conscious activities. Guests can enjoy private dining experiences in the hotel gardens, where many ingredients used in the restaurants are grown, aiding in offsetting their carbon footprint. They actively participate in coral planting initiatives and proudly support the Maldives’ first and only veterinarian-led turtle rescue center. For the more adventurous duos, there’s an opportunity to leave the comfort of their luxurious accommodations for a day (and night) and camp out in the sole old-school hut on Embudhoo Island, a private and undeveloped piece of land owned by the siblings, just 15 minutes away from Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu.

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9-Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

best maldives hotels for honeymoon Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

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From its inception as a Hilton in 1997, marking the debut of the first hotel in the area, to its recent extensive renovation from 2019 to 2022, this haven of beachside serenity has always led the way in setting trends. It proudly boasts the world’s inaugural undersea restaurant, wine cellar, and submerged residence (featuring a primary bedroom immersed 16 feet below the surface). Additionally, it pioneered the introduction of glass floors to a spa and constructed the initial stilted villas in the region.

Guests can indulge in 12 distinctive dining venues, pamper themselves at two luxurious spas, and select from 14 diverse types of accommodations on either the serene adults-only island or the livelier family-friendly counterpart. Moreover, they offer an exceptional seasonal “swimming with whale sharks” experience and enlightening local island tours, providing an immersive cultural touch to your getaway.

10-Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa

best maldives hotels for honeymoon Hideaway Beach Resort Spa

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Nestled in the northern Haa Alifu Atoll, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is the ultimate island sanctuary in the Maldives. This exclusive resort, boasting solely suites, caters to those seeking genuine luxury and complete seclusion. This retreat is synonymous with romance and remains a top choice for honeymooners, providing a range of spacious private villas accompanied by pools, acclaimed dining choices, and the exquisite Hideaway Spa.

For fine dining enthusiasts, gastronomes, and passionate food lovers, Hideaway offers an award-winning culinary journey, ensuring an indulgent experience for every palate. Moreover, the surrounding waters teem with an incredible variety of marine life, establishing this Maldives resort as an unparalleled destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Activities to Enjoy on Your Maldives Honeymoon

Scuba Diving

The Maldives offers an ideal setting for scuba diving, thanks to its hot waters and crystal-clear visibility spanning well beyond 100 feet underwater. It’s the perfect place to embark on your diving journey. For couples new to diving, most resorts offer classes where you can quickly sign up. These sessions require no prior expertise and involve a shallow dive guided by an instructor. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the underwater world together.

For those already certified, the Maldives is a haven. Here, you’ll encounter incredible marine life, including majestic manta rays, gentle whale sharks, intriguing hammerhead sharks, and vibrant, thriving reefs. The diversity and beauty of the underwater world here make it an unforgettable experience for seasoned divers.

Enjoy a Sunset Boat Trip

Exploring the waters of the Maldives is a must-do, and there’s no shortage of sunset cruises to indulge in. Many resorts include evening sails as part of their all-inclusive packages, typically offering a leisurely boat ride focused on enjoying the sunset rather than covering great distances. Some resorts provide private sailing experiences, while others offer daily sunset cruises at reasonable rates.

For instance, Kuramathi Maldives offers all its guests a daily sunset cruise for just under $30. It’s a fantastic opportunity for honeymooners and visitors to witness the breathtaking sunset views. During these serene cruises, lucky guests might even catch glimpses of dolphins or sea turtles gracefully swimming in the waters, adding an extra touch of magic to the experience.

Dinner Underwater

Few places around the globe offer the unique experience of dining beneath the sea. Luckily, couples in the Maldives can relish this extraordinary opportunity as several dining venues are submerged in the Indian Ocean right here. Most underwater dining experiences are synonymous with luxury and are typically not part of all-inclusive packages. If you’re inclined towards a sophisticated dinner during your Maldives honeymoon, securing reservations in advance is advisable.

Notable options include the remarkable 5.8 Undersea Restaurant at Kudadoo Resort and the acclaimed Ithaa Restaurant at the prestigious Conrad Maldives. These iconic venues promise an unparalleled dining adventure, providing an unforgettable culinary journey amidst the breathtaking underwater world of the Maldives.

Experience Authentic Spa Therapy

Even if you’re not usually into spa experiences, trying a traditional treatment in the Maldives is a must-do. Virtually every resort here offers natural and organic spa therapies. For a truly authentic experience, consider booking a treatment that incorporates local ingredients and traditional healing methods.

At the Javvu Spa in Amilla Maldives Resort situated in the Baa Atoll, they collaborate with a traditional Maldivian healer to provide treatments utilizing indigenous elements such as homemade massage oils derived from Samburu leaves and karanfoo spice grown onsite. Meanwhile, Anantara Veli Maldives Resort offers the traditional Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment, pouring warm oil gently on the forehead while receiving a soothing scalp massage from a wellness expert.

If you’re feeling jet-lagged during your honeymoon, inquire at your resort about recommended Ayurvedic treatments tailored to rejuvenate and refresh you after your travels.

FAQ – Best Maldives Hotels for Honeymoon

Which part of Maldives is best for honeymoon?

Best Honeymoon Places: Explore stunning destinations like Hulhumale Beach, Bikini Beach, Hukuru Miskiiy, Biyadoo Island, Felidhoo Island, Aarah Island, Reethi Beach, Lily Beach, Baros Maldives, Bandos Maldives, Banana Reef, Tiny Island Marine Conservation Centre, Manta Point, Bandaara Kilhi Lake, and numerous other incredible spots.

Where is the nicest place in the Maldives?

Kuramathi Maldives island is an excellent choice if you seek a blend of adventure and relaxation. Here, you have the freedom to engage in activities based on your preferences – whether it’s diving into thrilling adventures or simply unwinding by the ocean. The resort boasts captivating oceanfront infinity pools that offer mesmerizing views. Additionally, the spa is a true gem, featuring cozy couples’ treatment rooms and serene water pavilions that enhance the experience of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Which atoll is best for honeymoon in Maldives?

The Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort Island & Spa stands out as an exceptional choice for a honeymoon stay in the Maldives. Nestled within the Addu Atoll, this resort presents lavish villas, pristine white sandy beaches, a captivating infinity pool, and a rejuvenating spa. It’s a paradise tailored for couples seeking luxury and tranquility during their romantic getaway.

Why is Maldives famous for honeymoon?

The Maldives, a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean, is often seen as one of the most wonderful places for couples to celebrate their honeymoon. It’s all about breathtaking beaches, beautiful blue-green waters, and fancy hotels. The Maldives assures a truly special time for lovebirds seeking a dreamy and romantic escape.

Which month is best for Maldives?

For the finest weather in the Maldives, plan your visit between November and April, avoiding the monsoon period. Specifically, March and April (except for the pricey Easter holidays) offer superb hot and dry weather, plus a more peaceful atmosphere at the resorts.

What couple on honeymoon died in Maldives?

This is a wedding picture of Leomer and Erika Joyce Lagradilla. The autopsy findings regarding the couple’s tragic passing in the Maldives during their honeymoon indicate that they suffered from cardiac arrest and drowning as the causes of their deaths.

In which month Maldives is cheapest?

During the low or off-season from May to August, you can find fantastic discounts on flights and resort rates due to fewer tourists. Despite some rainfall, the Maldives remains stunning and enchanting during this time.

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