Ultimate Guide to Summer Island Maldives Water Bungalow

Summer Island Maldives is a stunning, fresh resort owned and run by locals from the Maldives. It’s the ideal place for a relaxed and beautiful vacation that feels like an authentic Maldivian experience. At Summer Island, it’s not just a holiday – it’s a journey filled with exciting discoveries.

Imagine taking a seaplane ride to a magical lagoon and walking barefoot on soft, sugary sand that gently tickles your feet. You can explore a vibrant coral reef, embarking on thrilling adventures with playful dolphins and graceful turtles. Whether you prefer luxurious ocean villas above sparkling waters or cozy land villas with breathtaking ocean views, the choice is yours.

Indulge in delicious international dishes with a touch of Maldivian taste, satisfying your cravings for familiar and exotic flavors. After a day of exploration, relax at our spa over the water, where our soothing treatments melt away your stress.

summer island maldives water bungalow

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At Summer Island Maldives, every moment is a chance to discover and enjoy your destination. It’s a place where the spirit of summer never fades, offering endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

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Rooms and Villas Accommodation in Summer Island Maldives Water Bungalow

The Summer Island Resort Maldives boasts 156 cozy rooms and villas spread across six distinct categories and one luxurious suite. Each room within the resort is designed with an open-air concept, offering a bright and airy atmosphere. The furniture is designed with lighter tones, perfectly complementing the relaxing tropical ambiance.

Inside these rooms, you’ll find Lightwood elements, tiled floors, fabric accents, and wall paintings that cleverly enhance the sense of space. All accommodations within the resort feature modern wooden furniture, amenities for making coffee and tea, kettles, and flat-screen satellite TVs. Additionally, the rooms are equipped with CELYON Summer Island baths, mini-bars, or mini-refrigerators for your convenience.

summer island maldives water bungalow

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Notably, the Superior Vista rooms offer the unique feature of open bathrooms, adding extra luxury to your stay.

Here’s a glimpse of the room categories available at The Summer Island Resort:

  • The Summer House
  • Garden Room
  • Superior Beach
  • Superior Vista
  • Superior Bungalow
  • Premium Beach Villa
  • Water Villa

Each of these accommodations is designed to offer a comfortable and serene stay, providing guests with different experiences amidst the stunning backdrop of the Maldives.

At the resort, you’ll discover four restaurants and even a chance for private dining. Indulge in favorites like seafood, a tempting salad buffet, flavorful, fresh soups, delicious grill specialties, and various main courses. Take advantage of the delightful apple-cinnamon cake served as a dessert. With such diverse offerings, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

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1. Samuga Buffet

summer island maldives water bungalow Samuga Buffet

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This restaurant is the heart of our dining experience, offering delightful buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to a wide array of global delicacies, this dining spot features live cooking stations, adding an interactive and flavorful touch to your mealtime.

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2. The Intercontinental AVI 

summer island maldives water bungalow The Intercontinental AVI

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This restaurant is perched above the water and boasts a bar renowned for its lively music and unique selection of beverages. It’s known as the place to be for live music enthusiasts and those seeking exclusive drinks with a stunning overwater view.

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3. HIYA – Semi Buffet Restaurant

summer island maldives water bungalow HIYA – Semi Buffet Restaurant

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This dining spot is exclusively for guests staying in our Premium Beach Villas and Water Villas. It’s an overwater restaurant offering a delightful a-la-carte menu with exquisite dishes.

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4. NEVI Resort Bar

summer island maldives water bungalow NEVI Resort Bar

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This beach bar offers the ideal spot for guests to unwind and savor cool, revitalizing drinks by the shore in a relaxed atmosphere.

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5. Seaside Romance: Dining by the Beach

For special occasions or to celebrate, the resort goes the extra mile by gifting guests a bottle of wine and allowing them to select their preferred food. Additionally, they arrange a magical private beach dinner experience, where guests can dine under the twinkling stars while feeling the gentle, refreshing sea breeze.

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6. Champagne Breakfast Experience

At our place, guests get treated to champagne and a delightful breakfast spread. Picture enjoying pastries and fresh tropical fruits, along with coffee and tea served right on the beach while savoring every bite.

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7. Tasty Barbeque dinner

The skilled chef at the resort prepares and serves a mouthwatering special barbecue dinner for guests to enjoy.

What activities and experiences are available?

At Summer Island Resort Maldives, there are many cool things to do! You can hop on a Dhoni, a unique Maldivian boat, and explore the stunning Indian Ocean with live diving adventures. Imagine seeing the most incredible fish, coral, and other sea creatures up close!

The resort offers a morning spa where skilled masseurs use Ayurvedic treatments for a relaxing time. Or, if you prefer, you can chill out in the library or at the resort, feeling the ocean breeze while getting lost in a good book.

They’ve got a certified Diverland PADI diving school near the lobby where you can try night dives, snorkel with manta rays, and take diving lessons from their expert team. Summer Island is in a perfect spot near the outer reef on the northwest edge of North Male Atoll, making it a top spot for diving. About 40 fantastic diving sites nearby offer some seriously unique underwater experiences.

For those who love adventure, there are channel dives with strong currents that’ll give you an exhilarating ride. Sometimes, these currents create cool spots where big sharks hang out effortlessly. There are famous spots like Kuda Faru and Woshi Mas Thila, known for their shark sightings. Madigaa and Eriyadhoo Outside Reef are also excellent spots to explore. If you’re into colorful marine life, you’ll love exploring the inside atoll where corals are coming back, attracting many small, colorful fishes.

At the resort, right near the lobby, there’s an excellent Diverland PADI diving school. Here, guests can try night dives, snorkel with manta rays, take diving lessons, and get expert guidance from their professional team.
Guests can enjoy calming and rejuvenating treatments at the unique overwater spa at the resort.
Guests can have a great swim in the infinity pool by the oceanfront. They can unwind at the beach, relaxing with a book borrowed from the resort’s library.

Guests can purchase souvenirs from the boutique located within the resort to take home as memorable keepsakes.
Additionally, the resort provides opportunities for kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, angling, and scenic sunset cruises. They also arrange local island tours for an authentic experience.

Essential Information

  • Summer Island is situated in the Northern Male Atoll (Kaafu Atoll). To reach the property, guests can opt for the following transfer modes:
  • Speedboat transfer: This takes 45 minutes from Male International Airport. Return rates: Adult – USD 150 (round trip), Child (2 to below 15 years) – USD 75 (round trip), Infant (0 to below two years) – Complimentary.
  • Seaplane transfer: Takes 20 minutes from Male International Airport. Return rates: Adult – USD 375 (round trip), Child (2 to below 12 years) – USD 225 (round trip), Infant (0 to below two years) – Complimentary.
  • Guests must provide their arrival and departure flight details directly to the property at least 72 hours before arrival. Contact the property for baggage restrictions.
  • Check-in time: 14:00, Check-out time: 12:00. Children of all ages are welcome. Kids under two years dine for free with an adult (excluding alcoholic beverages)—a maximum of two free kids per paid unit. A green tax of USD 6 per child per night applies.
  • Children under 15 are not permitted in water villas and other overwater properties. Considering the island’s capacity, the pool and pool deck must be slightly undersized.
  • Access to restaurants depends on the room level category. The a la carte restaurant operates only during high season. Some guests find the decor plain, and TVs in certain rooms are relatively small.
  • For safety and privacy reasons, guests are prohibited from operating unmanned aerial systems or drones on the premises, including model aircraft, for recreational use.
  • Honeymoon benefits include a bottle of wine and a fruit basket in the room once during the stay. Note that a marriage certificate proving marriage within the last six months is mandatory.

FAQ – Summer Island Maldives Water Bungalow

Who owns Summer Island Maldives?

Kaimoo THS manages three resorts—Embudu Village, Summer Island Maldives, and Equator Village—and three hotels—Kam Hotel, Mookai Hotel, and Mookai Suites—in the Maldives.

What is there to do in Summer Island Maldives?

Glimmering Sandbank Retreat: Unwind on a pristine white beach, relishing a sandbank picnic with a delightful champagne toast.
Sail into the Sunset: Embark on a serene sailboat journey as the sun sets, painting the skies with breathtaking hues.
Fishing in the Twilight: Experience the thrill of sunset fishing and angling adventures in the Maldivian waters.
Immersive Maldivian Culture: Delve into the essence of Maldivian life through cultural experiences and exploring local traditions.
Exploring Malé: Discover the charms of Malé with insightful tours showcasing the city’s allure.
Enchanting Summer Evenings: Embrace the magic of summer nights amidst the island’s captivating ambiance.
Rhythmic Boduberu Beats: Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms of Boduberu, a traditional Maldivian musical performance.

Which atoll is Summer Island?

With its own secluded beachfront and an exquisite dining spot, Summer Island Maldives sits nestled in the North Male Atoll.

How long is the transfer to Summer Island, Maldives?

Just a quick 45-minute ride on the speedboat or a brief 15-minute journey by seaplane to arrive at our serene summer shores.

How far is Summer Island Maldives from the airport?

Nestled within the serene North Male’ Atoll, Summer Island Maldives sits approximately 35 km from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Resting on Ziyaaraiyfushi island, the resort is embraced by lush tropical greenery, beautiful white sandy beaches, and a sprawling lagoon.

Where does Summer Island take place?

Deceived by misleading reasons, Ruby heads back home to care for a woman she’s been estranged from for nearly ten years. Nora urges them to escape to Summer Island in the San Juans, to the cherished old house by the water where Ruby spent her childhood—a sanctuary overflowing with memories of love, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

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