Where was ‘Love in the Maldives’ filmed? Cast List & Locations

The Maldives has always been famous for its romantic scenery—crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and amazing underwater bungalows. It’s no wonder why moviemakers love filming there. One movie that stands out is “Where Was Love,” a romantic tale about two lovers who meet on a remote Maldivian island.

Directed by a well-known filmmaker, this movie was filmed in the Maldives, showcasing its stunning landscapes and lively culture. “Where Was Love” isn’t just visually stunning; its touching story has touched hearts worldwide.

Where was Love in the Maldives filmed

Courtesy of Hallmark

Which hotel does Rae stay at in “Love in the Maldives”?

In the movie, Rae, the travel writer, enjoys her stay at a luxurious villa in a top-notch 5-star resort called The Marata. However, in reality, the resort is known as The Muraka.
Situated within Hilton’s Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort, The Muraka boasts the same breathtaking interior showcased in the film, including the stunning underwater bedroom. This remarkable accommodation sleeps six people and features two decks, an infinity pool, and a gym. However, to experience the complete luxury of Rae’s stay, be prepared to spend roughly $15,000 per night for you and your group. And those breathtaking aerial shots of the entire island complex in the movie? They were indeed filmed at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort.

Love in the Maldives filmed

Courtesy of Hallmark

Where can you find the underwater restaurant featured in “Love in the Maldives”?

That remarkable restaurant is none other than the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, situated within the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort. It’s incredible how Hallmark utilized every corner of this resort to create such a stunning effect in the movie.
And here’s a promise from me to Hilton’s Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort and Hallmark: If you ever need someone to report on the behind-the-scenes of “Love in the Maldives,” count me in. I’d gladly dedicate a week to explore and share the making of this beautiful film.
Here’s the lineup for Hallmark’s latest romantic comedy, “Love in the Maldives,” starring Jocelyn Hudon and a talented ensemble cast. Prepare for a delightful journey filled with love, laughter, and tropical romance.

Where can you find the underwater restaurant featured in Love in the Maldives

Courtesy of Hallmark

Meet Jocelyn Hudon as Rae:

Jocelyn Hudon as Rae

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Jocelyn Hudon takes on the role of Rae in Hallmark’s “Love in the Maldives.” Rae, a travel writer, heads to the Maldives to unravel the mysteries surrounding a famous shipwreck. There, she encounters a charming guest expert, sparking unexpected changes in her life as she navigates the path to love. In a sneak peek of the film, Hudon shines with charm and humor, especially in the awkward yet endearing first meeting between Rae and the guest expert. Audiences can anticipate a memorable performance from Hudon, whose previous credits include roles in “Sniper: Rogue Mission,” “Baby, It’s Cold Inside,” and “V for Vengeance.”

Introducing Jake Manley as Jared:

Jake Manley as Jared

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Jake Manley takes on the role of Jared in this romantic comedy. Playing the part of a guest expert at the resort where Rae stays, Manley’s character shares great chemistry with Rae. Their delightful onscreen connection, highlighted in the film’s sneak peek, promises heartwarming moments for viewers. Beyond “Love in the Maldives,” Manley has showcased his talent in productions like “The Consultant,” “One of a Kind Love,” and “Holiday.”

Juliana Wimbles as Jules:

Juliana Wimbles as Jules

Courtesy of Hallmark

Juliana Wimbles portrays Jules in “Love in the Maldives.” While details about her role remain wrapped, audiences can anticipate a significant contribution to the film’s storyline. Wimbles is recognized for her roles in various shows and movies, including “A Splash of Love,” “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Game of Cat and Mouse,” and “Supernatural.”

Additionally, the movie features pivotal supporting characters portrayed by Lucy Newman-Williams as Debra and Patricia McKenzie as Shelley, among others. The sneak peek offers a glimpse into the initial interaction between the two lead characters, Rae and Jared, as they navigate through amusingly awkward introductions. With its blend of humor and heart, “Love in the Maldives” promises to be a delightful romantic comedy.

Here are eight captivating insights into the filming locations of “Where Was Love” in the Maldives:

1.    The breathtaking island of Kuda Huraa served as the main backdrop for the film. Known for its pristine beaches and lush tropical scenery, Kuda Huraa provided the ideal setting for the romantic storyline.

2.    The cast and crew of “Where Was Love” enjoyed their stay at a luxurious resort on Kuda Huraa during filming. The resort’s overwater bungalows and top-tier amenities added to the film’s allure and sophistication.

3.    Filmmakers collaborated closely with local Maldivian artists and musicians to infuse traditional music and dance into the film. This partnership brought an authentic cultural flavor to the movie, highlighting the richness of Maldivian heritage.

4.    Underwater sequences were filmed in the crystal-clear waters surrounding Kuda Huraa, showcasing the vibrant marine life and stunning coral reefs the Maldives are renowned for. Cutting-edge technology captured these breathtaking underwater scenes.

5.    Romantic beach scenes were carefully shot during the enchanting moments of sunrise and sunset. The soft golden hues and dramatic Maldivian skies added a beautiful touch of magic and romance to the movie.

6.    Despite unpredictable weather and technical hurdles, the production team’s unwavering dedication and perseverance paid off. The result was a visually striking and emotionally resonant film.

7.    The Maldivian government provided invaluable support and assistance to the filmmakers throughout the production. Their cooperation ensured a smooth and successful filming experience, allowing the beauty of the Maldives to shine on the global stage.

8. “Where Was Love” debuted at an international film festival, garnering critical acclaim for its stunning visuals, heartfelt performances, and compelling storyline. The film has since garnered a devoted following, inspiring audiences with its message of love and redemption.

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