Ultimate Guide: Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives Water Villa

Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives boasts 160 villas, each offering unique charm across four styles: beach and garden villas, beach houses, family villas, and over-water villas. Every villa type at this exquisite Maldivian retreat is crafted with sleek, clean lines and adorned with white-washed timber, adding a touch of warmth and texture to the barefoot luxury experience.

Imagine yourself surrounded by soft, white sandy beaches and stunning turquoise lagoons. Take in the soothing melody of waves while soaking in breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Treat yourself to refreshing cocktails and delightful cuisine at the resort. The highlight? Witnessing the spectacular sunset, the sky was painted in vibrant hues.

Explore an enchanting underwater world teeming with colorful fish and exotic marine life. Dive into thrilling water activities like catamaran safaris, wind-surfing, mono-skiing, or wakeboarding. Let the sea breeze invigorate you as you rejuvenate your mind and body at the Kandooma Spa.

For added enjoyment, indulge in fun activities such as yoga, aqua aerobics, or aqua Zumba. Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma offers an unforgettable blend of relaxation and adventure amidst a mesmerizing seascape.

About Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives Water Villa

Garden Villa:

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa Garden Villa

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Unwind in this delightful garden villa’s serene embrace of tropical palms and vibrant greenery. Complete with essential amenities, it also treats guests to picturesque beach views! With easy access to the inviting waters, you’re always close to a refreshing dip whenever the mood strikes. Including this in your Maldives getaway package would be a splendid choice.

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Beach Villa:

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa Beach Villa

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Embrace the beauty of this secluded island sanctuary embraced by pristine beaches and the captivating azure sea. Step into your haven and unwind in the cozy comforts of the bedroom within your Beach Villa, equipped with all the essentials. Whether you’re a couple seeking romance or a family searching for relaxation, this villa is an excellent choice for your stay.

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Beach House:

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa Beach House

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Enjoy stunning sea views from the main bedroom and direct access to the sandy shores. At Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives, the Beach House presents a complete package with all the necessary amenities across two levels. With generously spacious rooms, fully-equipped bathrooms, and an inviting hall and dining areas, you’re treated to comfort and picturesque vistas throughout your stay.

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Family Beach House with Two Bedrooms: 

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa Family Beach House with Two Bedrooms

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These roomy villas are tailored for the ultimate comfort, keeping families in mind. Spanning across two floors, the first features a luxurious main bedroom, while the second floor offers a bedroom furnished with both king-sized and twin beds. Each level is thoughtfully equipped and boasts its balcony. Opting for this accommodation ensures a cozy and pleasant stay for all.

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Overwater Villas:

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa Overwater Villas

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The Overwater Villa presents the pinnacle of the Maldives experience. Positioned above vibrant coral and marine life in the crystal-clear shallow waters, guests can relish moments on their private sun deck, dipping their toes in the water or, during high tide, unwinding in a partly submerged hammock. From the comfort of your overwater villa, soak in the iconic sights of the Maldives: the mesmerizing blue ocean and the pristine white beaches of Kandooma island.

This spacious villa includes a generous living area complemented by a large open bathroom featuring an outdoor shower and bathtub with stunning water views. Like all villas at Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives, you’ll indulge in the luxury of a beautifully designed space, ensuring absolute relaxation throughout your stay on Kandooma Island in the Maldives.

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Two-Bedroom Overwater Pavilion: 

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa Two Bedroom Overwater Pavilion

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This exquisite pavilion offers mesmerizing and enchanting views that will transport you into a dreamy realm. Imagine waking up in paradise with direct access to the majestic Indian Ocean. Lounge lazily in an overwater hammock or bask in the sun on comfortable sunbeds to achieve that perfect summer glow. These pavilions are perfect for couples seeking romance and cater to families, making them an ideal choice for a memorable stay.

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Facilities in Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives Water Villa

Wi-Fi Access: Connect to a high-speed internet connection at Holiday Inn Resort and effortlessly share your incredible moments with friends and family.

Business Center: At Holiday Inn Resort in the Maldives, benefit from well-equipped conference rooms, ensuring uninterrupted meetings and seamless business activities.

Laundry Service: Leave your worries behind! The resort offers paid laundry services, ensuring your clothing is cared for whenever required.

Room Service: Indulge in the convenience of all-day room service at the resort. Relax in your comfort zone, knowing the resort caters to your daily needs.

Other Amenities: Refrigerator, Bathrobe and bath Slippers, Wardrobe Open Sky Shower, Comfortable Lounge Chairs on a Private Balcony.

Kandoo Kids – Children’s Entertainment

At Kandoo Kids, you’ll discover an expansive children’s entertainment space spanning over 500 square meters, making it one of the Maldives’ most significant and exciting zones for kids’ fun. This fantastic space features an indoor air-conditioned area and an outdoor splash pool, offering a tremendous combination of activities to keep kids joyfully entertained and actively involved.

The indoor fun zone is divided into two lively activity levels. The ground level is designed for kids aged 4 to 7, while upstairs is dedicated to those aged 8 to 12. Both levels are creatively adorned with vibrant decorations and furnishings that ignite children’s imagination. The upper level features a library, a specialized area for arts and crafts, and an interactive gaming room. Meanwhile, the lower level offers a ball pit and engaging craft-making activities, ensuring fun for kids of various ages.

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Activities in Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives Water Villa


holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa spa

In a peaceful and serene atmosphere, the setting at Kandooma Spa invites pure relaxation and indulgence.

Escape the stresses of modern life and immerse yourself in a rejuvenating spa experience amid nature’s embrace. Discover a variety of therapeutic massages and treatments designed to revitalize your energy.

With five soothing treatment rooms and two luxurious villas, this tranquil environment ensures true rejuvenation. Take in the island’s breathtaking views while unwinding. Steam areas and a hydrotherapy pool for relaxation are available for both men and women. After a day of pampering, you’ll feel completely renewed.

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holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa diving

Renowned globally for its incredible scuba diving, the Maldives offers an array of stunning dive sites showcasing some of the planet’s finest underwater wonders.

Dive into the Indian Ocean and prepare to be amazed. Explore Thilas, underwater peaks teeming with Oriental Sweetlips, Bannerfish, and vibrant corals. Glide through Kandus, channels bustling with Sharks, Rays, and Tunas. Witness breathtaking sights like a passing Sailfish, Manta Ray, or the majestic Whale Shark in the currents. Drift peacefully along a Beyru, where the outer reef hosts a thriving marine ecosystem. Discover a world of underwater marvels in every dive.

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Water Sports

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa water sports

Instead of water skiing, try wakeboarding—a mix of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. You’ll glide over the water’s surface, towed by a speedboat.

Experience an unforgettable adventure with a Catamaran Safari. Sail to a private sandbank guided by a sailing instructor. Swim, snorkel, or revel in the solitude of this deserted island—it’ll feel like your own paradise.

Sail across the Indian Ocean, taking in the beauty of various islands, creating lasting memories of the Maldives that you’ll cherish.

For some sea fun, hop on the Fun Tube! Feel the thrill as a speedboat pulls you across the waves. No prior experience is needed—just a sense of excitement for this exhilarating experience that’s an absolute must-try.

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Dolphin Cruise: Experience the thrill of spotting dolphins in their natural habitat! Hop on board a Maldivian Dhoni for an exciting tour. Watch these mesmerizing creatures swim alongside the boat or witness their impressive jumps while they hunt for fish in the open sea.

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa dolphin cruise

Night Fishing: Join our Dhoni crew for an evening adventure. Using traditional Maldivian fishing techniques, try your hand at night fishing near the reef. Relax on the Dhoni’s deck, observing marine life activity. Have you caught something? Please bring it back to Kandooma, where our expert chefs can cook it for you.

holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa night fishing

Sunrise Big Game Fishing:

  1. Set off on a Tropical Cruise with fishing gear and a GPS Ray marine system.
  2. Try your luck at big-game fishing.
  3. If you catch something, let our Kandooma chefs prepare it for you, or use our BBQ facilities for a satisfying end to your adventurous day.


holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa recreation

Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives Center provides treadmills, stationary bikes, and a pull-down station for your workout needs. Stay hydrated with water and fresh towels during exercise. Explore the island while jogging and take in the beautiful natural scenery.

You can also enjoy classic beach activities with exciting new variations available. Try your hand at beach volleyball, underwater hockey, futsal, football, tennis, and table tennis for some fun in the sun.


holiday inn kandooma maldives water villa wedding

At Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives, our team is thrilled to assist with all your wedding plans as you begin your journey together.

Our dedicated wedding coordinators are here to ensure every step of your unique journey is stress-free and uniquely tailored to your desires. We focus on every detail, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Kandooma Maldives island provides an ideal backdrop for your romantic wedding day. The beauty and stunning vistas guarantee a day that will be remembered forever.

Wining and Dining in Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives Water Villa

Kandooma – The Deck

On top of The Kitchen sits The Deck, the perfect spot at Kandooma to relax and soak in the sunset, moonlight, or starry skies in a modern open-air setup.

City by the Beach – Bokkuraa Poolbar

Experience a taste of the “city-by-the-beach” vibe at Bokkuraa Coffee Club. Delight in freshly baked pastries, refreshing smoothies, creamy milkshakes, and homemade ice creams while savoring our freshly brewed artisanal coffees and teas.

The Lounge Kandooma 

Please select your preferred drink and join our nightly events organized by the Recreation team. Alternatively, relax, savor some light snacks, and engage in captivating conversations with divers who gather here, all while basking under the shimmering starlit sky.

Baraveli Beach Bar Kandooma

You’ll find the resort’s first beach bar ready for you, directly on the beachfront. It offers breathtaking views overlooking the stunning lagoon of the Indian Ocean.

The Kitchen Kandooma

Experience an exquisite dining affair by the beach, overlooking the mesmerizing Kandooma Channel in a setting of absolute elegance where your food is served straight from the kitchen! At The Kitchen, our focus is on fresh, meticulously prepared food. We bring you the finest recipes from Western and Asian culinary landscapes—hailing from Thailand, Indonesia, China, and India. Our dedicated chefs pour their passion into every dish they craft, ensuring each one is a masterpiece. They prioritize fresh deliveries from our trusted suppliers, guaranteeing you savor the newest and most delicious food possible.

Kandooma Café

At Kandooma Café, enjoy a relaxed outdoor setting while savoring our delightful set lunch with a beach view. As the evening approaches, experience a charming transformation as the café shifts from a bright and breezy atmosphere to a soft and romantic ambiance. The serene glow of candles sets the mood while soothing chill-out beats fill the air.

For dinner, indulge in a menu that showcases a unique blend of global flavors with a sprinkle of Maldivian influence. Kandooma Café offers a new buffet each night, promising an exciting dining experience. Guests rave about our live cooking stations, where you handpick your ingredients, and our talented chef crafts delicious meals right before your eyes, adding an interactive touch to your dining journey.

Bokkuraa Coffee Club

Indulge in a tempting array of pizzas, noodles, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and your beloved poolside drinks—it’s the perfect excuse to relax under the sunny skies. Don’t resist the temptation! Whether day or night, immerse yourself in the breathtaking views of the pool, the sea, and the expansive sky.

FAQ – Holiday Inn Kandooma Maldives Water Villa

How much is the food at Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives?

Most meal plans primarily offer the buffet as the dining choice. If preferred, you can pay separately for buffet meals – breakfast costs $37, lunch is $48, and dinner costs $104. I’d recommend the buffet option, especially for breakfast, for the best value.

How to get to Holiday Inn Kandooma?

The speedboat takes about 45 minutes to reach the resort from Velana International Airport. Once you arrive, our representative will warmly welcome you and assist with the required formalities before whisking you away on a speedboat to transport you to our little paradise.

How far is kandooma from male?

When traveling by land, it’s helpful to know the distance between Male Airport and Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, which is approximately 22 miles (34 kilometers).

How much is the transfer fee for the Holiday Inn Maldives?

At Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives, the hotel reservation team manages the transfers for your convenience. The speedboat transfers are shared and come with a charge. Here’s an overview of the transfer fees: For children aged 2 to 12 years, the cost is USD 139 per child for a round trip, including all taxes.

Why are the Maldives so expensive?

The prices might seem higher because most imported things come with government taxes. While I would only specifically suggest a destination to some since preferences vary, this place is perfect for us.

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